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Dr.Tam Wai Chu, Maria

Independent non-executive director

Tam Wai Chu, Maria, female, born in November 1945, aged 71, Chinese, a barrister in Hong Kong. She graduated from the University of London in 1970 with a bachelor’s degree, and received an honorary Ph.D. degree in Laws from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1989. She has extensive experience in legal affairs and supervision. Dr.Tam has served as an independent non-executive director of the fourth session of the Board of the Company since January 2017,and a deputy to the twelfth National People’s Congress since March 2013, a Hong Kong SAR convener to the National People’s Congress, and a member of the Basic Law Committee of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region since July 1997. She has served as the chairman of the Operations Review Committee and the ex-officio member of the Advisory Committee on Corruption of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) of Hong Kong since January 2015, and a member of the Panel of the Witness Protection Review Board of the ICAC of Hong Kong since January 2010. Dr. Tam has also served as an independent non-executive director in various listed companies in Hong Kong, including Wing On Company International Limited, Minmetals Land Limited, Sinopec Kantons Holdings Limited, Tong Ren Tang Technologies Company Limited, Sa Sa International Holdings Limited, Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) Limited and Macau Legend Development Limited. Prior to the foregoing, Dr. Tam had successively served as a deputy to the ninth, tenth and eleventh National People’s Congress. Dr. Tam was awarded the Gold Bauhinia Star in 1998 and awarded the Grand Bauhinia Medal, symbolizing the highest honor of the Hong Kong Government, in 2013.


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