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Dr.WANG Jinli  Chinese

Senior Vice President

Born in March 1959, Chinese, a researcher and senior engineer, Dr.Wang has approximately 30 years of operational and managerialexperience in the coal industry in China. Dr. Wang received an EMBADegree from Tsinghua University in 2009 and graduated from LiaoningUniversity of Engineering and Technology with a Ph.D. degree in2006. Dr. Wang has served as a senior vice president of the Company sinceSeptember 2013 and deputy general manager of Shenhua GroupCorporation since July 2013. Dr. Wang had served as a vice president of the Company between2004 and 2013, and chairman of Shenhua Coal Trading Co., Ltd., asubsidiary of Shenhua Group, and chairman of Shenhua Trading GroupLimited, a subsidiary of the Company between 2010 and 2014. Prior to the foregoing, Dr. Wang had served in various capacities,including chairman of ShenhuaAustralia Holdings Pty Limited,chairman, general manager and deputy general manager of ShenhuaShendong Coal Company, director of the Changchun Coal TechnologyCentre and director of the Huichun Coal Mining Bureau.



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