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Mr.HUANG Qing Chinese

Secretary to the Board、a member of CPC committee of the Company

Born in November 1965, male, Chinese, a senior engineer and a member of the CPC. Mr. Huang obtained a board secretary certification from the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2004. Mr. Huang is a fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries and a senior visiting scholar of the Eisenhower Foundation. Mr. Huang received a master’s degree from Guangxi University in 1991. Mr. Huang has served as Secretary to the Board of the Company and Company Secretary of the Company since November 2004. Prior to the foregoing, Mr. Huang had served in various capacities, including Secretary to the Chairman of Shenhua Group Corporation, Deputy Director of the General Office of Shenhua Group Corporation, Deputy General Manager of Hubei Provincial Railway Company and Secretary to the Deputy Governor of the Hubei provincial government.


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