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Dr.LI Dong  Chinese

Senor vice president

Li Dong, male, born in January 1960, aged 57, Chinese, a senior engineer with the qualification as a professor, Dr. Li has extensive experience in the management of coal enterprises in China. He obtained a master’s degree from China Europe International Business School in 2005 and a Ph.D. degree from Liaoning Technical University in 2005. Dr. Li has served as an executive director of the Company since June 2016, a senior vice president of the Company since May 2011 and vice general manager of Shenhua Group Corporation since August 2006. Prior to the foregoing, Dr. Li had served in various capacities, including deputy chief engineer of Shenhua Group Corporation, chairman of Shenhua Zhunge’er Energy Co., Ltd., and head of General Manager’s Office of Shenhua Group Corporation. Save as disclosed above, Dr. Li has not held any directorship in other listed companies in the past three years.


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