Responsibility & Innvotion

Employee 's Interests

During the “Twelfth Five-year Plan” period, the Company expects to continuously expand the total number of state-level talents and build up a top-notch talent team in the energy sector. The Company seeks to achieve the talent development goal comprising appropriate growth in total number of talents, significant increase in the number of high-level talents, substantial improvements in talent quality and a further optimized talent structure, while aggressively implementing 10 talent projects in a bid to realize the corporate talent strategy targets.


It is the Company’s goal “to raise its employee happiness index”. To achieve this, the Company advances the Happiness Project for Employees measured by the employee happiness index in four levels namely survival, respect and social needs and individual development. We care for our employees and attend to their most immediate, pressing needs and needs that benefit them the most. The Company has created a good working and living environment to boost our employees’ pride in the Company and their sense of belonging.

With the solid establishment of the philosophy of “People Orientation and Enterprise Flourishing with Support of its Talents”, the Company has set up the personnel mechanism for nurturing, attracting and making best of talents and their expertise. The Company is also committed to creating an open, fair and just atmosphere for the use of human resources, providing a smooth career path for the growth of employees and establishing a platform for the development of talents. The Company endeavors to attract more talents to join Shenhua so as to guarantee the sufficiency of competent professionals for Shenhua’s development.


China Shenhua has actively implemented the relevant laws and regulations, including the “Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China” and the “Labor Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China”, which strictly regulated the employment, human resources management and remuneration management.


China Shenhua safeguards its employees’ rights to know, to choose and to complain by establishing the employee representative committee and labor union; establishes a protection system for various benefits to employees by establishing a more comprehensive remuneration and benefit system, providing job opportunities, improving work condition and paying attention to employees’ health; and sets up a dependable platform for empolyees’ career development by designing their career plans systematically and providing training. In view of the work condition and the labor intensity of the industry in which the Company operates, in addition to protecting basic interests of employees, the Company continues to focus on their career development and occupational health and the improvement in their felicity index.


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