Responsibility & Innvotion

Social Responsibility

Corporate security management of the highest decision-making body for the Board and its safety, health and environmental committee . Headquartered safety supervision bureau , responsible for production safety and occupational health management. Company in accordance with the " headquarters of regulatory , corporate responsibility , and all staff involved in " principle , the establishment of the headquarters , sub- ( sub ) Company, each mine ( factory, office, section ) hierarchical management of production safety mechanism to achieve vertical in the end , lateral to the edge network security management duties .

Company promptly organize safety meetings to address safety issues . In 2011, the company's board under the correct leadership , the company safety, health and environmental committee meetings , safety meetings , president of security in the form of office meeting held 7 meetings of corporate security topics to study and solve a number of key issues of security constraints . Monthly safety meetings held weekly regular meeting of the Security video of the deployment of safety related work.

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