Business Overview

China Shenhua is a world-leading coal-based integrated energy company. Its main business includes production and sales of coal, railway and port transportation of coal-related materials, as well as power generation and sales.

China Shenhua, with the largest coal reserves, is largest coal supplier and vendor in China. The Company's coal business has become the model of large-scale, high-efficient, and safe production mode in China’s coal industry.In 2009, the commodity coal output of China Shenhua amounted to 210.3 million tons, up by 13.2% on a year-on-year basis; the coal sales volume realized 254.3 million tons, up by 9.3% on a year-on-year basis.

The Major Operational Data of the Year 2013

  Unit 2013
Coal production Million tons 318.1
Coal sales Million tons 514.8
Of which: Export volume Million tons 2.7
Import volume Million tons 15.2
Owned railway transportation Billion tonne KM 211.6
Seaborne coal Million tons 227.3
Huanghua Port seaborne coal Million tons 127.4
Shenhua Tianjin Terminal seaborne coal Million tons 31.1
Shipping volume Million tons 118.6
Shipment turnover Billion tons NM 114.9
Total generating capacity One Billion Kwh 225.38
Total electricity sales One Billion Kwh 210.18



Shenhua's stock price

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