Business Overview

The Group is principally engaged in the production and sale of coal and electricity, railway, port and shipping transportation, and coal-to-olefins businesses. The integration of coal, power, railway, port, shipping and coal chemical into one unified operation chain is the Group’s unique operation and profitability model. The Group’s development strategy is the “transforming into a world first-class supplier of clean energy”.

The Major Operational Data of the Year 2016

  Unit 2016
(I) Coal    
1. Commercial coal production Million tonnes 289.8
2. Coal sales Million tonnes 394.9
Of which: self-produced coal Million tonnes 285.5
coal purchased from third parties Million tonnes 109.4
(II) Power    
1. Gross power generation Billion kwh 236.04
2. Total power output dispatch Billion kwh 220.57
(III) Coal Chemicals    
1. Polyethylene sales Thousand tonnes 292.6
2. Polypropylene sales Thousand tonnes 282.1
(IV) Transportation    
1. Transportation turnover of self-owned railways Billion tonne kilometres 244.6
2. Seaborne coal sales Million tonnes 226.4
Of which: via Huanghua Port Million tonnes 158.6
via Shenhua Tianjin Coal Dock Million tonnes 39.5
Via Shenhua Zhuhai Coal Dock Million tonnes 3.2
3. Shipping volume Million tonnes 79.2
4. Shipment turnover Million tonnes 63.0



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