Investor Relations

Dividend Policy

In accordance with the relevant provision of the articles of association of China Shenhua:

1. The Company may distribute dividends by way of:
(1) Cash; (2) Shares.

2.The profit distribution policies of the Company are:
(1) profit distribution of the Company shall focus on reasonable return in investment of investors, and profit distribution policy of the Company shall achieve continuity and stability;
(2) the Company may distribute interim cash dividends.

3.The Company adheres to the profit distribution policy whereby the distributable profits shall be the lower of distributable profits in the financial statements prepared under the Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises and the International Financial Reporting Standards.

4. According to the Law on Corporate Income Tax of the People’s Republic of China and its implementing rules which came into effect on 1 January 2008 and other relevant rules, the Company is required to withhold corporate income tax before distributing the dividend.


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