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China Shenhua highly regards career development of employees. We aim to build management team, specialist team and technician team, in strong efforts to accord company and employees’ development. The Company ensures rights of employees to know, rights to choose and rights to appeal by establishing workers’ conferences and labor union; establishes a security system for employees through improving systems of remuneration and benefits, improving working conditions and concerning for employees’ health; creates conditions for employees’ future development through training and company-wide career planning. In view of the working conditions and labor intensity of the industry in which the Company operates, in addition to protecting basic interests of employees, the Company also focuses on the occupational health and career development of employees and the improvement in the happiness of the employees.

Employment Relationship

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Growth of Employees

Growth of Employees

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Shenhua Group Global Recruitment of President & CEO of the National Institute of Clean-and-Low-Carbon Energy (NICE)

I. Profile of Shenhua Group Corporation Limited & NICE   Founded in 1995,Shenhua Group Corporation Limitedis one of the key State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) directly overseen by the central government. As a super large coal-based integrated energy company and the world’s la...

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